License file no longer works after upgrading to Visual Studio 2005


Product: Aspose.Excel.DLL (version

License File: Aspose.Excel.Lic

My company has an ASP.NET web application that was previously using Visual Studio 2003 with .NET Framework 1.1 and is now upgrading the web application to Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0.

In the previous version of the product, out .lic file works fine.

In the VS 2005 version of our product, the .lic file no longer works and we get the error:


The license is for a different product or corrupted.

Stack Trace: at Aspose.Excel.Win32.b..ctor(String[] keys, TextReader licenseReader)
at Aspose.Excel.Win32.c.a(String A_0, String A_1, TextReader A_2, Page A_3)
at Aspose.Excel.Win32.c.a(String A_0, String A_1, String A_2, Page A_3)
at Aspose.Excel.Win32.c.b(String A_0, String A_1, String A_2)
at Aspose.Excel.Excel..ctor(String licenseFile)
at PROPHIXWeb.WebOLAP.OLAPView..ctor(SessionRecord& SesRec, String& LicenseFile, Exception& sError) in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\PROPHIXWEBV2\App_Code\WebOLAP.vb:line 477


I'm trying to use the same .lic file that works for Visual Studio 2003 in VS 2005.



Dear Jason,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, there is problem with older Aspose.Excel version when you use it on .Net 2.0 platform. Aspose.Excel is now changed to become Aspose.Cells now which is more stable and reliable that offers a lots of new features too. I think you have to upgrade to Aspose.Cells which works perfect on any .Net platform including .Net 2.0.


Amjad Sahi

Aspose Nanjing Team