License File on a webServer


I am planning on using your iCalendar component on my webServer, however I am concerned about the performance on having to create a LICENSE object (in C#) each time I need to use the component.

(this little piece of code…)
Aspose.iCalendar.License license = new Aspose.iCalendar.License();

This code apparently loads the .LIC file, and removes the component from its DEMO mode.

But image this…

As a server, I am serving up millions of web pages a day. Any web page that needs the iCalendar component, must first execute your license code to make the component function without its demo constraints (ie, generate recurrance dates beyond Dec 31 2003)

When I execute the license code, a web page takes about .40 seconds to be generated. When I comment out your code, it takes about .20 seconds.
(i.e Its killing my performance!)

Is there any way to run iCalendar without executing this time consuming licensing code? Without it, I am able to server up TWICE as many pages!

I would hate to need to load the .LIC file millions of times a day!

Any comments?


You can try to put the license object into the session or application cache. It will prevent Aspose.iCalendar from unloading between page hits and the license will remain active. Let me know if that helped.


I did not even need to place it in the applicationCache, simply putting the license code in the applicationStart method did the trick (i suppose in sessionStart would work also... but why keep multiple copes of it resident?)