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License installed but trial version watermark remains

I'm working on a machine with multiple instances of SQLServer (2005 Express and 2008 Ent) but only 1 instance of SSRS (2008 Ent). I've installed the product and the .lic license file. They are both sitting in the the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.SQL2008\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin

The watermark will not go away, and the last page of a sample report states Aspose is not able to find the license file. Sample included for reference.

Need this resolved ASAP. Thanks for your help.

Dear Brent,

I have observed the presentation file and the image as well. Can you please share with me that are you exporting the presentation from visual studio environment or from reporting server. If you are exporting the presentation from visual studio, then you will experience watermark. However, if you are experiencing the watermark issue from report server, then please share your license file along with the Aspose.Slides for RS version name that you are using. Please follow these guidelines for sharing your license file with us. Please also inform us on the forum, when you have shared the license file.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

license attached. version of RS Slides is the latest on your downloads page:

Dear Brent,

I have tested the license file with Sql Server 2008 enterprise edition reporting server and have encountered no problem of watermark. Can you please confirm me that whether you are exporting RDL to presentation from development studio or from report server it self.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

I was originally running from my local VS, so that explains that one. But now I'm running from ReportServer on our test server. It's a SQL2005 SP2 instance. I've approached the install the exact same way, but still getting the watermark. One seemingly insignificant difference that I'll note just in case. On the test server, the program files are on the D drive, but other than that, exact same path to ReportServer\bin.

Appreciate your help getting this resolved. Not willing to finalize the purchase without seeing the final product without the cloudy charts caused by the watermark.

Dear Brent,

In may humble suggestion, since you have multiple instances of the reporting server and Aspose.Slides for RS has different API for both RS 2005 and RS 2008. I feel that its an installation issue that your reporting server is unable to identify the correct instance where Aspose.Slides for RS is installed. I would suggest you to first identify the the RS instance directory that your reporting server is using. Then please download the Aspose.Slides for RS 3.4.1 dll's package available here and then use the manual installation method for installing the package. Please uninstall the previous version of Aspose.Slides for RS 3.4.1. Please follow the manual installation guidelines available here. Please feel free to share, if the problem still persists.

Thanks and Regards,

There is only 1 instance on that test box, so that doesn't make sense. Should that same license work for SQL2005?

I can do the install all over again if that's your only recommendation.

Hello Dear,

The license file will work both for Report Server 2005 and Report Server 2008. However the dll files for both report servers are different. If I am not wrong in understanding the fact from shared image that Reporing Server 2008 is installed on your machine and its likely to be used with SQL Server 2008. Have you given a try using using SQL Server 2008 rather SQl Server 2005. Please share your findings as it will be helpful for us to investigate the issue further.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hello Dear,

There is one suggestion that I would like to share with you. Can you please find all instances of Aspose.Slides.ReportingServices.dll in your machine on all drives and copy your license file at all file instances and share your findings with us. Please also share the generated presentation file with us as well.

Thanks and Regards,

Uninstalled and reinstalled 3.4.1. Copied the .lic file to all locations (bin folder of the only SQL instance on the D:\ drive, plus the program files\aspose location just in case, and the Visual Studio IDE files just in case). Still not rid of this watermark. Also not getting the error messages on the last page of the output that I saw in 2008? That expected?

I need this resolved today. Or else the client is very likely to pull the plug on this approach. Appreciate your understanding the urgency here.


Unfortunately we can’t update version for SQL Server 2005 quickly so it could write information about loading licenses on the last slide but we have updated SQL Server 2008 version. Please copy attached dll to the right Reporting Services instance on the SQL Server 2008 and export report again. On the last slide it will write additional information with full path to the license files where they should be.

As noted previously, the test box only has SQL2005. Same as the production box that we would eventually move this to. So your 2008 fix doesn't help.

As mentioned yesterday, the client is starting to have serious doubts about the support process because of this issue. Any other suggestions so we can get this resolved today?


Since you are planning to use Aspose.Slides with SQL Server 2008 it’s bad idea to test it with SQL Server 2005. These 2 versions are absolutely different.

We published new 3.5.0 release of Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services today so you can try it. It contains both products for SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

Again, the test box and production boxes are SQL2005. So this needs to work in SQL2005.

Also, can you explain the cloudy chart axis labels in my examples? Are those caused by the watermark? Or are you guys working on an enhancement to address?

I'll uninstall yet again and try to the new version today. Will I need a new license for that to work?

We insert images returned by Microsoft Reporting Services to presentations “as is” without any changes. In case images or charts are blurred then it is the problem of Reporting Services. In many cases that means image is too small.

Your license should work with new release.

In case you will have problems with license again then we have to update our code and write debug information to the last slide similar to the 2008 version. But it can take some time. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

I uninstalled 3.4.1 and installed 3.5.0 with the .msi on your site. Now I don't even get the Aspose extensions as an option in ReportManager.

I checked your manual install documentation and confirmed that the config files were updated by the .msi.

Any recommendations now? Should I roll back to 3.4.1 and try again?

That is very strange. Could you please try attached version. Use manual installation, just replace Aspose.Slides.ReportingServices.dll and restart SQL Server.

I replaced the .dll with the one you provided. Report Manager now provides the ppt export options. But still getting the watermark. Does this mean that even if the client paid for the product, you guys have no way of removing the watermark? even with a fully paid license? Trying to understand the process here. Is this just an issue with trial versions? Please advise.

Dear Brent,

We are extremely sorry for your inconvenience.

We trying every possible way to help you out but its really unfortunate that so far we have not been able to resolve your issue. The product is installed successfully on your end and there is no specific setting for the license file. All you need is to place the license file in correct location. In case of SQL Server 2008, the generated presentation file points to the location where the license file should be, if its missing. In case of SQL Server 2005, unfortunately, this option is not available. Can you please do one more thing. If you are able to generate PPT from Visual Studio environment. If yes, then please share with me the generated PPT file with watermark. The generated PPT will show the path where it is expecting the license file for generation of watermark free PPT in the text box. Please place your license file on that specified location and generate the PPT. Please share your feedback with us once you are able to complete this.

We are again sorry for your inconvenience,

I did as you asked and still not getting a text box with a path. As I've stated several times now, the test box and the prod box only have SQL2005. Are you aware of this? Are you expecting VS2005 to generate this box?