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License not working on Windows 2003 using IIS 6.0


For some reason or another, my Aspose License does not work under Windows 2003… I generated a “Deployment” license for a particular binary, and was successfully able to run it on Windows XP and Windows 2000… However, when I try running the exact same web-application on Windows 2003, the license dosn’t take, and a get the “Unregistered” worksheet added to my document…

After playing around for a while, I figured out that if I “Run WWW in service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode”, everything seems to work fine… (This option is available by right-clicking the “Web Sites” folder from the IIS Manager, Selecting “Properties”, then going to the “Service” tab)…

Unfortunately, running IIS is 5.0 isolation mode is not desired…

Do you guys have any plans to support Windows 2003???

Please let me know if you guys know anything about this…



Dear Dana,

Did you check the latest hot fix? Recently we fix two rare licensing bugs.

We’re considering to enhance the licensing failure message to help us to support you better. Currently thanks for your tolerance.


I just downloaded Hotfix 1.7.7 and everything seems to be OK now…

Thanks for the upgrades…:slight_smile: