License problem.. canot find file


recently bought the Aspose.Excel.lic file and i am attempting to use the
License license = new License();

but continualy get the “cannot find file Aspose.Excel.lic” file error …
I have tried to use an absolute path to the file name,as well as add the file to my c# project… but have failed to have it work properly.

The file is in the same directory as my c# application and in the same dir as the Aspose.Excell.dll file

your demos seem to make it look easy.

could you help find where im going wrong.

thank you = )


Hi Chris,

What’s the name of your license file? Is it “Aspose.Excel.lic”?

Please check
for reference.

 Hello thanks for the reply .<br /><br />when i unziped the aspose file i got from the webpage initialy the file was named  <br />Aspose[1].Excel.lic<br />after trying the  license with that file name.. and getting the file not found error <br />   License  license = New license<br />    License.SetLicense("Aspose[1].Excel.lic");<br /><br /><br />i then tried to rename the file to the way the examples and demos show it .<br /><br />   License  license = New license<br />   License.SetLicense("Aspose.Excel.lic");<br /><br />still not able to find the file... i then tried to reference the absolute file patth C:/ ..../Aspose.Excel.lic<br /><br />


Please try:

1. Rename your license file name to “Aspose.Excel.lic”.

2. Put it in the same folder with your program.

3. If it still doesn’t work, please try:

License license = New license();

4. If it still doesn’t work, please try to include the license file in your project as embedded resources.

5. If still no luck, please post your license file here. I will check it.


Hello again . thanks for your reply …

i still seem to have problems with the license include… so i have ziped up my working directory taht contains all my files . including my lic file … maybe you could see where im going wrong.

report start is the file that contains the reference to my lic file.

thanks again


The name of your file is "Aspose.Excel.lic.xml". So please change your code to:

License license = New license();