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License turned back to trial

a year ago we purchased a developer OEM license for .net total. this month is the year is over, and one of the libraries (Imaging, product version 20.02, file version 20.2) started printing “Evaluation only”. It was not doing it before. If I understand correctly, the license is perpetual so this label should not appear.


Can you please share what is expiry date of your license file. Can you please try using the latest Aspose.Imaging for .NET product version that has been released before expiry of your license file and share if there is still an issue.

The expiration date:

which version should I download and how?


With this license date, you are eligible for all product versions that have been released till today. The latest available at the moment is Aspose.Imaging for .NET 20.12 and I suggest you to please try using that on your end.