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Licensing code conflicts with classloader

Hi Yura,

Yes, all works well on my Sun jvm. Another thing – I can’t fully de-obfuscate your stack trace: it’s seems that some names corrupted (you are using Aspose.Words.jdk15.jar, version 2.4.1?). May be your Aspose.Words jar corrupted, may be something wrong with your IBM jvm. Please recheck your environment. If this don’t help I will install IBM jvm for further tests.


Hi Konstantin,

I identified the problem as IBM’s JIT being turned on. If I disable JIT, everything works fine.
Not sure how you could fix this. Enabling JIT seems to be important for performance reasons on the server. By the way, the older version of aspose.words.jdk15 works well with JIT turned on, but has other problems. The latest library I used is 2.4.2 but I have same results for 2.4.1.
The old one that worked was


Hi Yura,

Probably IBM JIT conflicts with our obfuscator. Please give me few days so I can think how to tweak this.

Best Regards,

Hi, Yura,

I see that debug and diagnose of IBM JVMs’ JIT problems is not a trivial taskL - . I apologize, but can you contact IBM support with this problem? As we can see, it is completely JIT problem – the application works well on another JVM’s and on IBM JVM without JIT.

As I say, Aspose.Words jar is obfuscated _and_ heavily optimized for performance reasons. May be JIT intolerant to some specific kinds of obfuscation or optimization?

Please, inform me about results.

Best regards,