Licensing Issues I guess>



I have Aspose.word license which I purchased April 4, 2005. I have been using that since then. Suddenly this morning when I opend my project and tried to build it it threw an error saying that its looking for Aspose.word reference which is marked as yellow triangle with an exclamation mark(it started happening today only) as far as I know I did not make any changes. So I removed it and tried to add the reference again but I could not find the Aspose.word ddl in .net. I am not sure why it would do that. My License got expired on 2006/04/04. But I guess I dont need to purchace a new one if I am not making any changes right? What coul dbe the reason? And how did it work till today if the lisense expires in April? I appreciate you rhelp if you could send me the responsse ASAP.

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Aspose licenses do not expire. If you bought a license, you can use an Aspose component indefenitely. Only the subscription expires. A subscription is a 1-year term during which you can download new versions of the component for free.

I cannot tell exactly why your reference gone yellow. Aspose.Words.dll must have been deleted from your machine or it could have been replaced by a different version of Aspose.Words.dll. If the dll is a different version you need to re-add the reference since the assemblies are strong named. The easiest for you is to try to find the original dll you had.

Your subscription has expired on April 4, 2006. That just means you cannot use an Aspose.Words.dll released after that time. For example you cannot use 3.6 because it was released end of April, but the latest version you can download and use for free is 3.5.3.

If you cannot find the original dll and decide to upgrade to 3.5.3, then bear in mind there was a big version change (from 2.x to 3.x) and the API has changed a bit. See the updated programmers guide and how to migrate

You can also renew your subscription to be able to obtain newer versions of the component as we continiously work on new features and supporting more of the DOC format elements. Renewal subscriptions are available at a fraction of the cost of the full subscription, please contact Aspose Sales for this.