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Licensing on ASP.NET 2.0

We are in the process of developing a solution using ASP.NET 2.0 and we require export to Excel; thus we are evaluating your product. I'm wondering how licensing will work in the new version.

This is our scenario:
Our pages will have a number of webparts, each will add data to it's own worksheet in an Excel document. The Excel object will be created in the page and handed down to each webpart so it can add information. We are planning to use the deployment method where the source is available on the server.

The question then is how do we protect your license file? We would like to embed it into some assembly, but since the calling assembly in our case is the web application, and it is dynamically compiled from source, some other option is required. If we just copy the license file into the filesystem, what prevents someone from using that for further development/deployment.

Any ideas?

Please check for reference.

To protect the license file, you can include it in your project and build it as embedd resource.

The question is what assembly should you include it in? In ASP.NET 2.0 there may not be an assembly at deployment time, it can be created at runtime.

From your documentation it says that it will search the calling assembly; if the Excel object is created inside a page, the possible non-existent assembly becomes the calling assembly.

I think you can build a wrapper assembly. In that assembly you call the license code. And your web application can access that wrapper assembly.