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Limit on the number of slides?

I have a long document, over 50 slides and when call Slides.Write(stream) it raises "Index out of bound" exception. If I remove the number of slides to be less than 50, I can publish it. The weird thing is that the problem only happen on my Vista 32 bit machines, but not Win7 64 bit machine.

What would cause that, and how do I suppose to fix?

Hello Dear,

I have tried to observe the issue shared by you but in order to investigate the issue I need source presentation. Please share the source presentation along with code snippet so that i may reproduce the issue.

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The version I have that problem is, and NOT with 4.1.x.x

The code I am using for both products stay the same. Basically we layout using and call Presentation.Write(stream)

We can schedule to run a WebEx if you can provide me an email that I can reach.


Hi An,

I like to share that at the moment Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.2.0 is the latest release and you may please test your code with mentioned version. If the problem is still there then share the necessary data for investigation on our end. Actually, the support for any issue is always provided in latest available version for any of Aspose product. Please share your feedback with us if the issue still persists.

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