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Limitation of 30 parameters on Cell formula


Any function against a cell in Aspose cells cannot take more than 30 arugments. i.e if I place a formula in a cell as SUM(arg1, arg2,…… argN). If N>30, then evaluation will fail. For us, we have complex calculation which calls for support for a higher number of parameters. We typically need something like 200.

We thought of a with a solution of breaking this like this. Arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4……..arg85 can be broken as SUM(SUM(arg1-arg30), SUM(arg31-arg60), SUM(arg61-arg85)). Unfortunately this approach will not work correctly for AVERAGE.

Hence we request for the following enhancement as a solution to the problem:

Preference 1: Aspose Cells to remove this restriction and allow any number of parameters
Preference 2: Aspose can make this configurable. Whoever wants can increase it. If not configured this can be kept at 30.
Preference 3: Aspose can make it to a bigger number like 300

Kindly let us know the feasibility of this. Would appreciate if Aspose can make this fix as this is a show-stopper issue for us.

Thanks and Regards,


This is a limitaion of MS Excel, not Aspose.Cells. You can verify it in MS Excel.

Hi Laurenc,

Thank you very much for your immediate response. We do agree that excel has this limitation. We use Aspose mainly as a calculation engine and not as an excel generation tool. Our guess is that many users of the library would be using the tool in a similair fashion. Hence the point that having a cell with a formula (with more than 30 params) will break the excel does not affect our application. Infact this 30 params is a hard limitation for our application. Hence I was wondering if this 30 paramter restriction can be made as a configurable feature that can be enabled/disabled using a switch, we will be able to leverage the library to automate our calculations. Appreciate your inputs and help on this.

Also appreciate if Aspose could share any solution/workaround that you have helped in a similar scenario.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Shashi,

We have to follow the limitation of Excel.

Could you change your formula as Sum(sum(1,2,....30),sum(1,2,....30)?