Line spacing- full-justify of text- and center-justify still an issue


OK, the kerning problem seems to be isolated to my signature font. The attached example in another font seems to work. I guess my signature font may be underspecified in some manner. In any event, I have solved my signature positioning problem by using a different number of spaces for different signatures.

HOWEVER, the attachments shows a problem with line spacing. (I will attach the Word output to the next reply.) I am using Times 11pt text throughout with Single line spacing, and the PDF output text ends up about 1" longer than the Word output for a page of text. I found I can manually specify a point spacing for the text (say 11pt or 12pt), and then the outputs would match, but not if there is no specification or Single spacing specified.

ALSO, the points in the second section of this letter are specified as full-justification (no ragged right margin), but the PDF comes out with ragged right margin.

FINALLY, in the letter-head footer I use a table with 3 cells. The centering on the last address line (bottom right) is specified as centered, but is way out of sync with the lines above it. My guess is that centering is being calculated on the smaller font size used for the first word on this line, and that the larger font size used for the phone numbers causing the hang-over to the right. Is it not possible to mix font sizes?


Joe F.


Here is the Word document output for comparison of line spacing, full-justification, and centering.


PS: I find that for the 11pt font I am using, a line spacing of 11.5pt approximates Word's Single spacing extremely closely, so this is a fairly acceptable workaround to the line spacing issue. I would like to know if this is the only real option prior to investing the time to lock this workaround into templates and styles that I am developing.

I look forward to your quick response to this query.


Joe F.


Ok, from what I can see, the full-justification issue is due to incorrect xml output made by Aspose.Words during conversion. The line spacing problem needs deeper research. The centering issue in the footer will be transferred to AsposePdf team.

Thanks for reporting these issues to us. We will try our best to correct them in the next hotfix, which will be released in 2 or 3 weeks from now.


Line spacing has been improved in Aspose.Words 3.5.1 that will be released soon.

Full justification is not supported for list items in Aspose.Pdf. I've forwarded this issue to the Aspose.Pdf team.

Centering issue here is caused by Aspose.Pdf, I've forwarded it to them too.

We will reply here when more fixes are available.


Please download the latest versions of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf to get the fix.