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Link to first page is added to the nav map in epub files

I am using Aspose.Words to create text documents which I then export as PDF and ePUB files. I use the following configuration to create the epub file:

var saveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Epub);

saveOptions.DocumentSplitCriteria = DocumentSplitCriteria.HeadingParagraph;
saveOptions.DocumentSplitHeadingLevel = 1;
saveOptions.EpubNavigationMapLevel = 1;
saveOptions.UpdateCreatedTimeProperty = true;
saveOptions.UpdateLastSavedTimeProperty = true;

What I want to achieve is that the nav map in the epub file should contain only the h1 headings of my document. But besides the h1 headings, it also contains an additional entry at the very top which points the the first page of the epub file. On this page, I render some text which is based on the Normal style, but no heading-formatted text. How can I control wheather or not this item is added to the nav map?

The exported nav map looks like this:

	<navPoint id="np001" playOrder="1"> <!-- ===> points to the first page with Normal-formatted text -->
			<text>Text from first page</text>
		<content src="[...].html"/>
	<navPoint id="np002" playOrder="2"> <!-- ===> points to the first h1 heading -->
			<text>First Heading</text>
		<content src="[...].html#navPoint_1"/>

I want to omit the np001 navPoint.

@eexperts Currently Aspose.Words always includes parts into the navigation panel. Since the first page is exported as a separate part, it is also included into the navigation panel.
I have logged as feature request WORDSNET-24290 to include only heading paragraph into the navigation panel. We will keep you updated and let you know once this feature is implemented or we have more information for you.

@alexey.noskov Thank you very much for your quick response. Can I track the progress/status of WORDSNET-24290 somewhere?

@eexperts You can track the issue here in this thread. We will be sure to let you know once there is updates regarding this issue.

OK, great, thank you very much!

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@alexey.noskov I see that the issue related to this post was postponed. Can you give an estimation, if/when this will be implemented?

@eexperts Our development team considered this feature as useful so it probably will be implemented at some point. Unfortunately it is not on the roadmap yet so we cannot give you an estimate for now.