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Links replacement in pdf documents

Hello I would like to know if
with the pdf sdk I can replace
text with links, or links with
other links, in an existing
pdf document.


Aspose.PDF API can create, update and retrieve links from the PDF document. The LinkAnnotation class helps to do so. Please refer to this help topic: Create, Update and Extract Link

Hello Imran,
I’ve checked the documentation.
So with the following line

LinkAnnotation linkAnnot = (LinkAnnotation)doc.Pages[1].Annotations[1];

I retrieve the existing 1st link of the document, right ?

and to loop through all links in a page is it correct to use the following ? (in Php)
foreach($doc->Pages[1]->Annotations as $value) {
// do something

or can you send me some php script on the topic ?


Yes, please refer to this help topic: PHP via COM Interop, and let us know in case of any further assistance or queries.

Hello, I have installed dotnet on centos using the following

can you tell me, still in Centos, how can I use it through php ?

Hello again.
So I would like to know:

  1. how I can install aspose.pdf on linux on which I’ve installed dotnet (see previous post)
  2. how I can use it from php and if a library like


is appropriate. What is more appropriate in your opinion ?


Aspose.PDF for .NET assembly is compiled under the .NET framework, and you can add its reference to any PHP project via COM Interop, in the same way as we can add reference of any other .NET assembly. These are the general programming steps to set up an environment in Centos.

Can you be more precise about how to set-up the environment
in Centos and how can I use the library in Php ? Also note that on the php
documentation it is said that the com class is only for windows. Thanks


We are gathering information, and will update you here in this thread soon. Please spare us a little time.

Hello Imran,
finally we plan to use the Rest pdf api, so that we don’t need to use dotnet on centos. Do you confirm that it will work ? For instance starting with this page



Yes, it will work for your scenario because the same feature on any platform (operating system) without needing any modification. In case of any issue or queries, please create the post in Aspose.PDF for Cloud forum. You can sign up to the trial account of Aspose Cloud service for the testing purposes.

hello, the rest documentation on the following page is missing

can you check please ?


Your query is related to Aspose REST APIs, please follow this thread for an answer to your query.