LINQ Reporting Engine - If statement, columns and white space

It seems like a regular implementation


Thanks for the details. However, the code snippet shows only how you pass JsonDataSource to the engine (which is indeed regular), but the most significant part is still not clear - how JsonDataSource is created and which options are used to load JSON data? Depending on the options, the engine parses JSON quite differently, so templates should be aligned accordingly, that is why, we also need to know about the options to assist you further.

Does that help?


Judging by the screenshot, you use default options for loading JSON, so string values representing numbers (such as “1111”) are recognized as numbers by the engine in this mode. So there is no need to parse string values on your own - it is enough just to apply a numeric format. I have modified your template to show this. Please check Test Template Modified2.docx (40.3 KB).

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Hi all,

one additional question: We got the number format working with ”#,##0”.
Now we faced an additional requirenment to specify the format based on the country, for example in Germany the format should be “10.000,00” instead of UK/US format 10,000.00

Is there a way to to this? There is no official number format for “dot” as far as I can see.


There is no way to do this at a template level. However, you can change your application code to set System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture accordingly, then the engine will use current thread culture settings to format numeric and date-time values.