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Load 250 Mb Excel File into Aspose.Cells.GridWeb


We are looking for a Dot net 1.1 based web control that can read and write to excel files residing on the web server, thats when we came across your control, So i downloaded the trial version for testing. The problem we are facing is the size of the files can be really huge, upto 250Mb. For testing we used a 60Mb file.

I just want to know how to implement this using the aspose grid control.

Thanking you

Do you want to display a 250MB file on web pages? It's too huge.

I think you want to read and write files on the back end on the web server. Maybe you should try Aspose.Cells.

Yes the excel files are huge.

Part of the client requriement says that they want options to edit the Excel files using the web application that where we want to use the Grid.

Aspose.Grid supports to edit Excel files in web application without any problem.

But 250MB file is too much. When redendering to html, it will take file size more than 2GB. Even we provide pagination feature to show the Excel file page by page, it will still take a long time to load it into memory ( more than 3 minutes ) and it will consume more than 2GB memory.

So I think it's not feasible to edit such a huge Excel file in a web application. Please advice your customer to split it into small size.