Load dropdown list based on the selected value in other dropdown list



Please find the attached excel sheet(template6.zip (9.7 KB)
) and review “Holdings” and “Reference Data” sheets.

My requirement is to load two dropdown lists in “Holdings” sheet for “BroadCategory” and “Granular category” columns. Both dropdowns for “Broad Category” and “Granular category” willl load the data from “Reference Data” sheet. But the second dropdown “Granular Category” has to load the data based on the selected value in First dropdown.

For ex:
Broad Category- dropdown will load these 3 items from “Reference Data” sheet.

Granular Category
BC1 – If BC1 is selected in first dropdown then it should load below items.
BC2 --If BC2 is selected in first dropdown then it should load below items.

Both Broad Category and Granular Category values will be there in “Reference Data” sheet.
(It’s similar to what we see as cascading dropdowns for country-state hierarchy.)

Please provide a solution as soon as you can as it is urgent for our client.

Also, I will be importing this data back to my application later, so i will be needing the values (or even Ids) selected in dropdown , so please consider that too.



Thank you for writing to Aspose support team. We are working on this requirement and need your expected workbook created by Excel. You may please create a workbook which you want as output from Aspose.Cells and share with us. We will use it as reference while working on this sample code.