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Load Word Document in Browser (IE)


I want to

1. load a Word Document (built using html) on a browser

2. Edit the document in the browser

3. Save the changes (on Save I need to run a custom method)

On Page Load, I have the following method which I was hoping would display a word document in the browser (Note:On the aspx I have no controls. Should I be adding any controls???) When the page loads, I get the options Open/Save/Cancel window and when I click Open, nothing happens.

private void Trial1()


//Set License Info

//Get HTML using getHTML method

byte[] array = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(getHTML());

MemoryStream str = new MemoryStream(array);

LoadOptions r = new LoadOptions();

r.LoadFormat = LoadFormat.Html;

Document wrdDoc = new Document(str, r);

wrdDoc.Save(HttpContext.Current.Response, "out.docx", ContentDisposition.Inline, null);


This is what I have for loading and I don't know how to implement a Custom Save method when the document is saved.

I am fairly new to Aspose so any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for your inquiry. I'm afraid there is no way to achieve what you need using Aspose.Words. Aspose.Words is a class library for processing Word documents programmatically. Using Aspose.Words you can convert, modify, edit, and insert content through code. There is no graphical user interface (web control) which allows a user to edit a document as if they are working in MS Word.

Best regards,

Thanks Andrey