LoadExcelFile locks up GUI thread


Is there a way to have LoadExcelFile called from a BackgroundWorker? If the excel file that is being loaded is large, the screen locks and the user does not get any feedback on the progress.



First, I have optimized performance of ImportExcelFile() method instead of LoadExcelFile(). LoadExcelFile() is obsolete.

And I used a thread function to load excel file.

public void threadfunc()
MessageBox.Show("ok", "");

private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
ThreadStart threadDelegate = new ThreadStart(this.threadfunc);
Thread thread = new Thread(threadDelegate);
thread.IsBackground = true;

Please get the version in attachment then try the code above.


I am not sure where I get version I don’t know what you mean by attachment.


Sorry that the attachment is lost.

Because of time difference, it's 8:15 PM here. Nick will post it again tomorrow.


Please try v1.6.2.1 in attachment.