Loading Gif images into pdf from URL references


I’m trying to add images to my pdf. I’m referencing images from an URL. The images are of type Gif.

I set the ImageInfo.ImageFileType to ImageFileType.Gif
I set the ImageInfo.File propery to the URL of the image

I’ve tried to set the ImageOpenType to Url as well as to File but I continue to get a System.ApplicationException: Couldn’t open image file: http://MyURL

Is it not possible to reference Gif images from an URL



Dear Kim,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have tested GIF image from URL and have not found this error. Is there any special character in you URL? If you can’t solve this problem,please send your complete code and image to me.


Thank you for the quick reply,

I’ve found the problem myself. It was a simple ressource access issue. By setting anounomus access on the given url solved the problem …