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Looking for a java component(s) to do the following

[1] Take a tiff file as a blob and split it into pages and return as an array of blobs

[1a] If a bar code was found, return a list of barcode values found (up to 3)

[2] Take a PDF file with embedded images as a blob and split into pages and extract image and return as an array of blobs

[2b] If a bar code was found, return a list of barcode values found (up to 3)

[3] Generate a page with up to 3 barcodes given a list of barcode values

I need java components that I can load as a jar into Salesforce.com for use in their Force.com platform.

Can your components do this? If so, what would I need?

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Hi David,

I represent Aspose.Pdf.Kit and I would like to comment on point # 2. This requirement can be fulfilled using splitToPages method of PdfFileEditor class in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java; the PDF file can be loaded into an input stream from any source; only make sure that the input PDF data is valid. You can also extract images from a PDF file.

Moreover, Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java is a standard Jar file which can be used just like any other Jar file. Please download the latest version from this link and try at your end. If you find any issues, please don’t hesitate to share with us. As far as other questions are concerned, I hope representatives from other teams would be able to answer you shortly.

If you find any further questions or concerns, please do let us know.


Thank you for inquiry.

I am from Aspose.BarCode support team and will answer queries related to the barcode.

[1a] To read barcode from a multipage tiff document, please refer to http://www.aspose.com/documentation/java-components/aspose.barcode-for-java/how-to-read-barcode-from-multipage-tiff-images.html. Using example on this page, you can easily construct an array of strings, containing the codetext values.

[2] and [2b] We have an article at http://www.aspose.com/documentation/java-components/aspose.barcode-for-java/how-to-read-barcode-from-pdf-documents.html for a similar scenario. It has an example which reads PDF document, extract images from it and reads barcode from the extracted images.

[3] Could you please tell the format of page? If it is a page in PDF, you can insert images and text in a new PDF file using Aspose.Pdf for Java.