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Looking into purchasing slides and charts


I've been demo'ing .Slides for the purpose of creating duplicate .ppt files from a master file. The master file will contain multiple charts. I was hoping that I could edit an embedded chart using an aspose (.charts) product instead of having to use MSGraph. I don't see the benefit of using a non Miscrosoft product (.slides) if I have to use a microsoft product (MSGraph) to manipulate the embedded objects.

I would appreciate any information you could give me regarding this issue. If I have to use MSGraph to edit embedded charts, I will not be able to convince my organization that purchasing .slides is worth it.

Thank you, Erika


I have moved your post to the Aspose.Slides section so that our developers can answer you. They will help you shortly. Have a nice day.

Yes, you are right. There are no ways to edit charts created with MS Graph app but you can
edit charts created with MS Excel. You need Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Cells in this case.

Also please read these articles in the wiki: