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Looking to Add OWC11 object to PowerPoint Presentation

Hi there,
I'm looking to add a OWC11 object to a PowerPoint Presentation and I was wondering do you have any code that could help me accomplish this? I have read of a OLEDemo but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the site.

You can find OleDemo in the installation directory. By default something like this

“C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.PowerPoint\Demos\C#\OleDemo”

Can you save OWC11 object to a file or stream? If yes then you can use it

as raw data for OleObject.

I’d suggest creating OleObject in the MS PowerPoint and after that

open presentation with Aspose.PowerPoint and check in debugger

what properties object has (ObjectName, ObjectClassId and etc).

Later you can set the same properties for your new objects.

I've done what you said and looked at the object properties while in debug mode in .NET studio. It seems that there are properties for this object and there seems to be an ObjectData byte[] that seems especially important. Also I was wondering if you possibly had any code that changed an OLE object to a byte[] without saving it to a stream or file?