Looking to try/purchase product


I am intersted in evaluating and maybe purchasing Aspose.Word (and possibly Aspose.PDF).

I just have some questions regarding how the API functions.

Can the API be handed an HTML string representing a webpage (complete with images) and generate a Word document from it? This is the behavior I am hoping to find in a product.

From what I can discern from your site, Aspose.Word uses template documents to generate the Word documents. Is this correct? Is there any other way to generate a document?

Thank you very much?

- John Mercure


Hi John,

Thank you for your interest.

Yes, you can use a HTML file as an input for the Document class or insert an HTML string into the document using DocumentBuilder. Then you can save the document in one of several formats like DOC, HTML or PDF (in the last case you save it as an intermediate XML and then convert it to PDF using Aspose.Pdf).

However, not all HTML elements are supported at the moment. You can obtain detailed information about current conversion capabilities here:


Regarding your second question: Aspose.Word can both use document template to perform various operations on it and build a document from scratch using DocumentBuilder. This class provides a wide variety of methods for inserting different Word objects such as text, bookmarks, form fields, images etc and navigating through them.

Currently we are working on a programmers guide that describes a number of scenarios of Aspose.Word usage. We hope it will be useful for you.

You are welcome to ask further questions about Aspose.Word. We are happy to answer them.