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Hi, I am new to using the forum so unsure if this is due to how I need to build my trust level.

I am currently developing on a system and have been tasked with converting several formats into a memorystream for displaying as images on an MVC website

I have been trying to use the forum to see people who have posted about converting PDFs and Word documents into images, but the links supplied by people e.g.

bring me to a page saying either the page doesn’t exist or I don’t have permission to view it.

Is it a paid for service to see posts contained in the link?



Thanks for contacting support.

While maintaining the API docs and revamping the articles, some links get changed. We are sorry for the inconvenience faced due to missing link and content. Please visit following link to convert PDF Pages into image.

You may also find other useful examples and articles in API documentation which will help you understanding and implementing the features of Aspose.PDF for .NET API. In case you need further information regarding Aspose.Words API, we recommend you to create a post in Aspose.Words forum category where we will assist you accordingly.

Thanks @asad.ali,

Much appreciated