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Loss of bullet formatting

When merging the attached documents into the final document entitled 3322_Final.doc, the bullets lose their formatting. You can see in the individual documents that the bullets have the correct formatting, but when merged together using the code below they lose their formatting. We are using version If I remove the "KeepSourceFormatting" option the bullets remain, but we really need that option to stay on.

Heres' the order the documents are merged together in:


Here's the code we use to merge or append them together to produce the 3322_Final.doc:

'----- Set License
Dim license As License = New License
'----- Get the source Word doc
If Not File.Exists(SrcDocPath) Then Exit Sub
SrcDoc = New Aspose.Word.Document(SrcDocPath)
'----- Copy the section from SrcDoc to DestDoc
For x = 1 To SrcDoc.Sections.Count
DocSection = SrcDoc.Sections(x - 1)
TempSection = CType(DestDoc.ImportNode(DocSection, True, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting), Aspose.Word.Section)
SrcDoc = Nothing

We’ve reproduced the error. Please allow us several days to find out if it can be fixed promptly.

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. This issue is a big issue for us and our application. So the sooner a solution can be worked up the better. Again, thanks so much for prompt attention to this issue. I’ve always been so pleased with your teams’ willingness to provide quick solutions in the past.

We are planning to fix your issue in the next release which will be in about two weeks from now.

Can I please get an update on when the next release will be. We have a client very much in need of a fix to this "loss of bullet formatting" issue.


Fixed in Aspose.Word 3.5 that will be out 30th Jan.

The problem was caused by the fact that the bullets were applied to the paragraph style. Only the bullets applied to the paragraph directly were imported before.