Loss of macros in PPTM file when loaded



I would like to report a bug detected during my work using Aspose, specifically the Slides module. I used the version 18.11.

My work required me to use Aspose.Slides to load a pptm file, modify it, and save this modified file elsewhere. All of this was done using Java.

The original file contained a macro designed to mark each page of the file with “Page X of Y” with X and Y being the appropriate values. The macro was called every time the file was saved.

However, upon testing, the modified file no longer had the macro active.

After investigating the issue, I found that its source was that when my code opened the source file to create an object com.aspose.slides.Presentation, it removed the reference to the macro in the .rels file (found in the _rels directory of the pptm file).

The workaround I found was to unzip the generated powerpoint file, replace the .rels file with a correct version stored locally, then zip the folder back to a powerpoint file and use that one instead.

That method worked and allowed me to complete my assignment, but it did take a long time to isolate and solve the issue.


Julien Armand



Can you please share source file and sample project so that we may further investigate to help you out.