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Lost Data when Data Table contains Numbers

I have just begun using your product and I have a very specific need for it.

I have an SQL Stored Procedure that returns a fairly large dataset, which includes fields that are varchar, numbers, dates, money. I have found that the data is lost in the Excel spreadsheets that are created for all the columns other than those that were varchars. I am using a Designer File and the formatting in the columns for the Designer File doesn’t seem to matter. I have also tried using both typed and untyped datasets and that doesn’t matter either.

What am I missing here? Do I have to convert all the data to varchar in my stored procedure and then convert them back? If so, how would I do that?

Thanks for your help.


Could you post some of your code here? Thus I can investigate your problem.


Thanks for your response. In gathering my code together I figured out my problem.

I was previously using another product to create Excel spreadsheets (only it wasn’t supported for .NET, which is why we switched to Aspose) and I was converting my code. With the other product I had to Preserve Strings or I lost my leading zeros. With Aspose Preserving Strings was preventing the data from going into non-string fields.

Everything seems to be working fine now. We have some really big spreadsheets we are creating (300 + pages) and saving them in Excel 97 format seems to take around 3 minutes. Does this sound right?




What’s the size of your result file? If it’s too large, it may take a long time to save it.

Thanks for your response.

The spreadsheets vary in size, but one of them is 2,341 K.


About the performance, you can refer to