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Lotus Notes eMail support

There is very good support for Outlook-Mail using Aspose.Network
MapiMessage outlookmail = MapiMessage.FromFile(“outlookMailWithAttachments.msg”);
From this “outlookmail”-Object I can extract all the infos I need (sender, receider, attachments…).

Is there some support for lotus notes eMails, to get the mail text and attachments for futher interaction with my .Net application, e.g. drag and drop to the application?
some kind of:
NotesMessage notesmail = NotesMessage.FromFile(“notesMailWithAttachments.URL”)? I know all the needed connection parameters to the Mailserver!

Many thanks in advance


Hi Scheu,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

We do not support Lotus Notes currently.

I will inform the development team about this feature and they might consider adding Lotus Notes support after doing some business and technical analysis.

I have also added it in our issue tracking system as “New feature” ID: 12536. We will notify you when there is a plan to implement Lotus Notes support.

Did anything happen in that direction ? We would also need a lotus to eml conversion, badly.

Hi Scheu,

Thank you for writing to us.

I would like to update you about the status of this issue. We analyzed the possible implementation of this feature, but as Lotus Notes format is a proprietary format and its specifications are not available, therefore, its not possible for us to support this feature at present or in future. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.