<asp:title> tag property


hey, can I get the asp:title tag property from within a pdf document using your product? I need to create a asp.net ddl containing the title of all pdf documents in a given folder.

Thank you.



Hi Jody,

What’s asp:title tag property?

What’s an asp.net ddl?

Would you elaborate on your needs?

Also you’re encouraged to post here further.


Thats the XML portion of the PDF file that sets the name of the file. It may look like this
pdf:TitleBasics</pdf:title>. All PDF files have it.

asp.net ddl is a DropDownList.

I need to be able to get the pdf file title property.


Dear jodyford,

Thanks for your consideration.

Reading information from a pdf file is not supported in our product at this time. We will start to work on pdf reader in late August. Our goal is to make it available some time in October.