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Macro PDF

Well, i would like to use the MACRO PDF Feature,

1..how to use macro pdf using aspose barcode for java because nowhere i found the Word macro pdf in the Forum as well as in the user manual

2.. some times when i generate the pdf-417 sysbol the barcode is not generated only the aspose.demo image gets created ? why it's like so

3..i would like to encode data of about 1600 bytes is it possible in a single pdf-417, and

i want the barcode image to be short (not Lengthy and broad) how to accomplish This Things

i was using

BarCodeBuilder b = new BarCodeBuilder();
b.setYDimension(0.3f); //Sets the height of a smallest module of 2D barcodes.
b.setPDF417CompactMode(0); ////AUTO 0 BINARY 3 NUMERIC 2 TEXT 1
b.setPDF417ErrorLevel(2); ////0-8 0 for none
b.setCodeTextFont(new Font("Serif",Font.PLAIN,6));
b.setCaptionAbove((new Caption(" BNATCL")));


//I have added the Generated PDF Symbol

// I am more concerend bout the MACRO PDF SYmbol, Please Let Me Know

Quick Response Expected



We do not support MacroPdf in Java version now (Only supports in .NET). It is still under development. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Respected Iret,

It will be Helpful to Me if i can know, when will be the Macro PDF Feature is availlable(in The Next Week/Fortnight), because we are on the Development project which require this Feature very seriously. if it is going to take more than a month means we can search for an alternate solution

Quick Response Appreciated



We will provide you a hotfix for macropdf417 before next week.

Thank you very much.