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We have seen that the concept of MacroPDF exists (see below).

How can i use it in Aspose.Barcode?

Thank you very much

is an implementation of PDF417 capable of encoding very large amounts of data into
multiple PDF417 barcodes. These multiple barcodes are then scanned by a MacroPDF
enabled scanner, which reassembles them into one string of data. Each MacroPDF
barcode segment shares a file id with the other segments which make up the
entire barcode sequence. If the file id is not the same, the scanner will assume
that each of the segments belongs to a different barcode sequence. In order for
the scanner to reassemble the barcode in the correct order, each segment of the
barcode must have a unique segment index within the sequence of the
barcode, starting at zero. This unique segment index allows the scanner to know how to reassemble
the barcode segments, and allows the user to scan the sequences in
non-sequential order."


Thank you for your post!

Our team has begun research on this topic, we will get back to you within a few days. Thanks again for your patience.

Best regards.