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Macros do not get saved on Document.Save call

I am evaluating ASPOSE.Words as a possible solution for our company.

One of the goals is to merge two word documents and then save the result to another *.doc file.

The host document has VBA macros (Document A). We are simply writing the contents of Document B into the body of Document A.

This was easy enough.

However, resulting file after the save (Document C) no longer has the macros that Document A had...it appears that the macro's did not survive the save.

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

Here is the code: //===============================================================
// Get the path to the *.Dot file and the KBrief WordML file.
object hostFilePath = Environment.CurrentDirectory + @"\kb.dot";
object contentFilePath = Environment.CurrentDirectory + @"\kb.xml";
// Open the two Documents
Document hostDocument = null;
Document contentDocument = null;
hostDocument = new Document((string)hostFilePath);
contentDocument = new Document((string)contentFilePath);

// Merge the wordML from the content *.doc file into the host *.doc file
// (Replacing all sections of the host document but keeping the macros).
foreach(Section srcSection in contentDocument)
Node dstSection = hostDocument.ImportNode(srcSection, true, ImportFormatMode.UseDestinationStyles);


// Save merged result into a new File using date as unique file name:
// example: a_200809100113534751_new.doc
object newFile = Environment.CurrentDirectory + String.Format(@"\a_{0}_new.doc", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMddhhHmmssff"));

hostDocument.Save(newFile, SaveFormat.Doc);

MACROS ARE GONE in saved file...

OK, I found out that the Macro’s do appear be in the resulting document. The reason I didn’t think that they were there was because a custom menu did not show up in the resulting document…my mistake…

I’ll start another thread on that…


I want just refer to new thread you created.


Best regards.