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Macrosheet becomes normal worksheet


We have a workbook with a macro sheet inside.

When we load the document into an Workbook and save it without any changes, the sheets get converted to a normal sheet and all formulas are gone.
We found this thread describing a similar problem in the JAVA version: Macro and Dialog Sheets are coerced to Worksheets.

Currently we have reproduced the problem in .NET

Could it be the same problem and the .NET version does not contain this fix?


Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

Yes, it could be the same issue. Please download and try the following most recent version and it should fix your issue. Let us know your feedback.

Download Link - NuGet:


Aspose.Cells for .Net 18.3 does indeed solve the problem

I have not yet had the time to switch to Nuget packages - so downloaded newest Total package - and newest cell in that was 18.2.

But this can be closed as fixed in 18.3.

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Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

The newest package is at the moment 18.4. However, it is good to know that 18.2 worked well for you, so we have closed this ticket now. In case of any issue, you may again open it for reporting.

Download Link - NuGet