Mail attachement


Good day,

I want to send word attachement file after method:"nameofdoc",.....)

aspose.word send the "word file" to temporary file of "user browser". But how to get the path of file ?


Please give us a more detailed description of your problem and what you are trying to achieve.


The application user " application" need to send mail to supplier with word document as mail attachement, so after extracting items from database and merge those items to word doc by using model word doc...the user need to send his request.

so after method:"request.doc", ......,response)

the user can see this document wich is sent to user from server, but after he need to attach it to MailMessage, but the problem, to attach this document "request.doc" to the mail, he need A path of this file so, I know that a program or server send a copy of "request.doc" to (c:\documents and settings\...\temporary file\) but it's not a good idea to put a path like this so....I hope that my question is more clear.


If I have understood you correctly the user receives the document from ASP.NET application and gets the document open in the browser window.

After this he can save the document anywhere on his local disk by using standard File | Save dialog. Then he can attach this document to mail message using file path he provided in a previous step.

If you want to automate this process you need to do some heavy web page programming using javascript for example.