Mail Merge, Bullet List, Export to PDF

We are looking to possibly buy your product, but I need to know if it can…

  1. Perform MS Word Mail Merge Server side, preferably ASP.NET Core, but regular will be okay.
  2. Inject bulleted lists into the document at certain points/areas.
  3. Convert that Word Document to PDF, then send it back to the MVC Controller and ultimately the MVC View Page for display.
  4. Handle nested “If” statements inside the Word Document, basically for hiding and showing different text blocks.
  5. Handle very large documents while mail merging(25-50 pages), then Export to PDF.

Any code samples would be greatly appreciated.

We are using someone else now, but we are getting disappointing performance. That is why we are looking for a different set of libraries.

I think that is it.



Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words for .NET is server side API, it fulfills your all requirements.

You can easily move cursor to desired location and insert required list in word document.

Yes, you can easily convert Word document to PDF using Aspose.Words for .NET.

Yes, Aspose.Words for .NET supports IF field along with other MS Word supported fields.
Fields Overview

You can easily use Mail Merge feature with Aspose.Words for .NET and save output to PDF document. Please note Aspose.Words for .NET does not limit number of pages and output file size. It processes document in memory, so it depends upon system resources. Usually it needs few times more memory than document size to build model of the document in memory. For example, if your document’s size is 1 MB, it needs 10-20 MB of RAM to build its DOM in memory.

Furthermore, please also check developer’s guide for details and examples from GitHub Repo. You can also request a 30 days temporary license to evaluate our API without any evaluation limitation.

I am running through your samples now and trying to integrate one or two of them with our Word Templates. We have one template that is about 28 pages, but because we are using “Trial” software, it quits after about 10-12 pages(not consistent). We don’t want to buy the product unless we know it can handle larger documents both from mail merge to PDF export. Is there anyway I can get past the trial software limit? Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback. As suggested above you can request a 30 days temporary license to evaluate Aspose.Words without any evaluation limitation.