Mail merge labels with images


Hi again Big Smile,

Okay I have a mail merge template of Avery 5161 labels with a clipart image of a Christmas tree on each label. Each label also has the generic Word <> field.

Everything seems to run fine and the records are looping through each individual label, but the image is not. The little tree image is only on the left side labels not the second column of labels.

Any thoughts?




FYI - Seems that there is an issue when the image is floating on the page rather than inline with the text.


Floating image has an anchor, it might be important to make sure the anchor is in the right place so it is inluded in the mail merge.

If you still have a problem, email me the original document to


Hi Roman,

I sent the doc as you requested.




Yes, there seems to be a problem when mail merge copies floating images. It actually does not appear while viewing the document in Word 2002 (it might appear when printing). The produced document does not look right in Word 2000 straight away.

I have this issue logged already but fixing will take some time, so I suggest you try one of the workarounds below:

1. The problem only manifests itself when mail merge has to copy the images. You can either mail merge 20 records at a time to fit on one page or create several pages of mail labels in the original document, say 5 pages will give you 100 records and merge 100 records at a time.


2. Turn floating images into inline images. These are handled okay by mail merge. You might need to split the label cell into two and put the image into the left cell and keep the label text in the right cell. You also need to change the image from “in font of text” to be “in line with text”.