Mail Merge on HTM file using Aspose.Word

I have a question for Aspose.Word
Is it possiable to open .htm/html file into an Aspose.Word?
I want to open a .htm file in Aspose.Word and then apply mail merge to it.
eg I want to do something like this.

Aspose.Word doc = new Aspose.Word("test.htm");

Actually my requirement is like this

  1. I will have an .htm file as a template
  2. Want to apply mail merge to it
  3. The content of resultant file after applying mail merge. I have to set that as a BODY of Email Message.
  4. Iam sending Email from my .Net Application and I want rich text in my email body(Font, Style proper format etc) along with some data from dB, which I will get after Mail Merge.

Intially I thought I will use a WORD Document, But we can’t assign the content of a word doc as Mail Body.
That’s why…I thought of above approach
Please Suggest


Thanks for your request. There is no way to use HTML document as a template for mail merge. You can use a Word document as a template and then convert it to HTML. I think the following article could be useful for you:
Best regards.