Mail merge output document naming


I am in the process of evaluating Aspose.Word.

We have a need to create our merged output documents into PDF format for frequent retrival.

There are two issues.

1. Each data record in the data source table must create a seperate PDF file and that file name must be related back to that record.

2. There are a possible 20 different templates (forms). Each data record is assigned a template. Ideally I would like to make one pass on the data source and process assigned template for the respective record. This will let me use a postal presort of a day's mailing.

Thank you for your time to respond.



Thank you for evaluating Aspose.Word.

I'm not really sure what advice or clarification you need. Aspose.Word is surely able to merge Word documents and convert them to PDF (in conjunction with Aspose.Pdf). To learn more about its functionality, please refer to our Programmers Guide:

But I'm not sure I understand what prevents you from implementing the task you described. Please put an exact question.