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Mail merge questions with multiple files size more than 1 GB


We are performing a mail merge using Aspose.PDF and we are using multiple files. Regarding that we have some questions to ask.

  1. What will be the maximum size limit of those multiple files that will work with mail merge?

  2. How will be its calculation of RAM usage with more than 1 GB files?



There is no such limitation in the API in terms of file size. You can process files of any size and in case there is some issue, please let us know so that we can investigate it.

The memory consumption depends upon the various factors among which the file size is one. However, it is not necessary that all larger files may cause high memory usage as they may have simple structure and API will consume less memory as compared to their size. Furthermore, you may please report in case you are experience any unwanted memory usage by the API. We will investigate the reason behind it and will share our feedback with you accordingly.


Thanks for your response.

Actually, we need to handle this kind of situation where maximum size files do not hamper mail merge.
For example, if we found some large files up to 1 GB and we have 1 GB RAM to process those files but in 1 GB RAM,
We can process only 500 MB files then we will show an error message accordingly.

Can you tell us exactly in 1 GB RAM, what should be the maximum file size?



We need to properly investigate your this requirement in order to share complete information about memory consumption. We have logged an investigation ticket as PDFNET-49233 in our issue tracking system. We will further look into its details and keep you posted with the status of its correction. Please be patient and spare us some time.

Hello @asad.ali ,

Can we have some updates?



We regret to share that the ticket is not yet reviewed as it was recently logged in our issue tracking system. We will surely inform you as soon as we have some feedback regarding ticket resolution. Please give us some time.


Can we have some update on this?



We have investigated the earlier logged ticket and as per the analysis results, we can not predict the size of output pdf file before processing due file structure. If you want to process part of file there are no reasons to do that. In order to catch OOM exception you may use following approach:

   string inFile = @"c:\somedata";
   string outFile = @"c:\out.pdf";   
   Document document = new Document(inFile);
catch (OutOfMemoryException)
   // file too large