Mail Merge Regions?


I know that this might be a really stupid question to ask, however…

How do I create a mail merge repeatable region in a word template document?

I don’t seem to have that option when creating my template document in word.

I would like to merge the contents of a datatable to a word document to dynamically grow the table content.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




I figured out how to do it.

I just copied and pasted the two table regions from the demo invoice.doc file - then changed the name of the table to suit my code.

Next problem.

After the datatable merge word always crashes after I open up the created document.

The funny thing is that I can open up the document in word pad.

Any help?


Same as for the other posting. Send your documents to


I cannot find anything wrong with the document or with Aspose.Word here. The produced document is valid and opens well in Word XP. What version do you use to open the document?

One thing. If you want your table to be contigious you need to put TableStart and TableEnd fields inside the table. I will send you your document back modified like this.