Mail Merge with Datatable dont work

i want to dynamically add data to a table to my word template.
so my template look like «TableStart:Orders»«ItemName» | «Quantity»«TableEnd:Orders»

but when i execute the mail merge, no data is created.

Could you look at it ? i have attached my source code. (33.7 KB)

@edwil13xeh In your template there are no merge fields. «TableStart:Orders»«ItemName» | «Quantity»«TableEnd:Orders» are not fields, but a simple text. To use mail merge feature you should use merge fields in your template document. Please see our documentation to learn how to prepare template document:
Also, I have modified your document:
mail-merge-template.docx (36.8 KB)
You can press Alt+F9 to see field codes in the document.

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Thanks a lot, as you said my template was bad !

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