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Mail Merge with Regions; nesting

I am evaluating Aspose Words, at the moment. I am very impressed so far.

I have one big question remaining in the evaluation.

Our data is made up a few tables setup in a hierarchy. I need to prove that I can effectively do nested region Mail Merges. I know the manual says you can’t do this by document fields, but I was hoping to create it programmatically by running mail merges on smaller sections. Does this sound feasible? Have you done this before?

Are you able to run mail merge on nodes other than Documents, or will I have to create a staging Document to execute the MailMerges before combining them in the result document?

I would love to be able to mail merge paragraphs. That way I can prepare the dataset for merging and apply it only to the section that this data applies to. I would think with the excellent object oriented DOM you have, this is likely possible, but I haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps Mail Merge is the wrong concept to be looking for?

For example our data’s hierarchy might be like:

· Fleet: USA

o Car: Neon

§ Tire

· Spoke

· Spoke

· Wear

· Pressure

§ Tire

· Spoke

· Spoke

· Wear

§ Tire

§ Tire

o Car: Mustang

§ …

The sections of the report would be repeated like this. So for the Fleet we would have 2 car sections, but in the car section we would need 4 tire section, and so on… A car might not be the perfect example because it will always have 4 tires, where as we might have any number of sections and the subsections are optional based on the parameter used in the data.

Would I be able to programmatically do this? I suppose, worst case, I can do it by seeking out the Nodes and cloning them in code.

I looked at the Product Catalog sample but it is very simplistic.

I was hoping that you would be able to share some code examples of this concept, or at least tell me that I will not hit another limit of the tool.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you for your inquiry. You are absolutely right Aspose.Words doesn’t support nested region. Unfortunately you can’t run mail merge on nodes other than Document. I think one way to achieve this is using multiple templates. Please see the attached example, maybe it could be useful for you.
Best regards.

Here is a solution to nesting mail merge regions:

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 39) have been fixed in this update.

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