Mailmerge - Using Mulitple format switches in Word


I have a particular value that is always in uppercase. When I execute the mail merge, it correctly comes out uppercase in the word document. I want it to be titlecase. I know that just using \*FirstCap (or \*Caps) does not work as it only affects the 1st character. I have seen on the web that \*Lower \*FirstCap should work. It does not seem to.

I have tried many permutations of {MERGEFIELD fieldName \*FirstCap \*Lower \* MERGEFORMAT}

EG : the order of FirstCap & Lower, with/without \*MERGEFORMAT etc. Nothing works.

My Question is : Can ASPOSE Word handle two switches like this? It always seems to honour the 2nd one only. If No, what is the work around? Preferably in Word if you know of one.

Thanks in advance - James


You can see that MS Word and Aspose.Words are working in exactly the same manner honouring only one (last) formatting switch. If you want to implement custom formatting you can use MergeField event which will give you a possibility of preprocessing of text inserted in the merge filed.