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MailPrinter MailInfo Language not respected

When converting an Aspose.Email.MailMessage to an XPS file using Aspose.Email.Printing.MailPrinter with FormattingFlags set to Aspose.Email.Printing.MessageFormattingFlags.MailInfo and setting MailPrinters CultureName property to German, the texts in the MailInfo “From”, “Sent”, “To”, “Subject” and “Attachments” are still in English and not in German.
By the way, the documentation for the “CultureName” Property is weak. Please add an example and explain what this Property does.

Aspose.Email.Printing.MailPrinter mp = new Aspose.Email.Printing.MailPrinter();
mp.FormattingFlags = Aspose.Email.Printing.MessageFormattingFlags.MailInfo | Aspose.Email.Printing.MessageFormattingFlags.Attachments | Aspose.Email.Printing.MessageFormattingFlags.AutoFitWidth;
mp.CultureName = "de";
mp.Print(emlMessage, ms, Aspose.Email.Printing.PrintFormat.XPS);

results to

From: “Rechnungen” <faktur@gazsch.de>
Sent: 10.04.2020 08:54
To: win.pdf-eingangsrechnung@wn.at
Subject: Rechnungen-TEG M.Schwetzer GmbH
Attachments: PDF_Rechnungen_2020-04-09-16_23_47_753000.PDF

but the correct MailInfo in German language looks like

Von: “Rechnungen” <faktur@gazsch.de>
Gesendet: 10.04.2020 08:54
An: win.pdf-eingangsrechnung@wn.at
Betreff: Rechnungen-TEG M.Schwetzer GmbH
Anhänge: PDF_Rechnungen_2020-04-09-16_23_47_753000.PDF


I have observed the issue shared by you and request you to please provide the source file, generated output and used sample code reproducing the issue. We will be able to proceed further with investigation on our end on provision of requested inforamtion.

Dear Mr fayyaz

  • the source-code can be found in my posting.
  • the generated output can also be found in my posting.
  • the issue can be reproduced with any *.msg file