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Major assembly bugs when used with both 32 and 64 bit

5400 on 64 dies (System.AccessViolationException)
5404 on 64 lives fast :)
5500 on 64 lives slow (bloated memory usage and impaired speed when using any message with an attachment exceeding 4096KB
- 600k zip attachment caused a 26MB mem spike
- 7.5MB 7z attachment caused a 180MB mem spike
- 4.0MB zip attachment caused a 140MB mem spike

5400 on 32 lives fast :)
5404 on 32 we get the crazy message body ( message body, when saved to msg file, is incorrect )
5500 on 32 lives fast

all we want is a solid cross platform implementation using Aspose.Network

we seem to have accomplished our task, but with a cost. We can't honestly justify asking our end users to provide a minimum of one gigabyte of memory just for one trivial routine task!


Please find the attached hotfix v5.5.0.1, which fixes some issues related to x64 platform. You may use the same attached dll for both x86 and x64 systems.


Did you get the chance to use the attached hotfix dll?

Could you please also post a sample project or code snippet, which cause the high/abnormal memory and CPU usage, if possible?

better late than never!

Yes, the hotfix did work to solve this problem, but now we’re trying to use the stock v6.6.0. I haven’t tested to see if v6.6.0 has this problem yet.