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Manipulate images using ASPOSE Slides



Thank you for sharing valuable feedback. Please share, if we may help you further in this regard.


Hi fayyaz,

Hi Any reference in setting font for text in pdfx.

Thanbk you,



Can you please explain your requirements in more details so that i may help you out.


Hi Adam,
Any example to remove content from slide. For example when i add new slide it comes with some slides like
Click to edit Master title style, Click to edit Master text styles . Or is there any way to blank slide.

Please help me


I mean to add blank slide please.

Thank you,


how to remove shapes from slide or how to add blank slide please.

Thank you,



I have observed your comments. I have shared code snippet below. That will help you to achieve your requirements. Also for removing shape from slide please visit this thread link. This will help you to achieve this requirements.

  	Presentation pres = new Presentation(path+"add.pptx");


Hi Ahmad,
Works like charm, god bless you. Any pointer to add new slides now.

Thank you,



I suggest you to please visit this documentation link to see how to add different slides in presentation.


Thank you Sir.


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