MapiMessage (rtf) to pdf: wrong numeration


In my MapiMessage in RTF is a numeration:


If I convert this to PDF it get’s:

So it is completely different to the numeration in the MapiMessage.

Example (Code/Input/Output) (38.5 KB)

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The issue occurs while conversion of message file to MHTML using Aspose.Email API. We have logged the problem as EMAILJAVA-34398 for further investigation at our end and will update you here once there is some feedback or a fix version available in this regar.d


Please raise this case to paid support.



We are working on this issue and it shall be resolved in our next release for Aspose.Email for Java 18.10, which shall probably be available in the first week of next month.


OK, so we will wait for the next release.


Release yesterday, but no fix? I cannot find the issue in release notes and it’s still open…



We are sorry for inconvenience.
This issue is not resolved yet and we are working on this. We assure that this shall be resolved in our next release i.e Aspose.Email for Java 18.11.


What is the current state of this issue? Will it be fixed in 18.11? We got another bug report about this!



We are working on this issue and hopefully it will be resolved with Aspose.Email for Java 18.11. Moreover, the upcoming release shall probably be available in next week.


No fix in Aspose.Email for 18.11? As I wrote before, we wanted to raise this issue to business support in our previous subscription, but were asked to waited for 18.10. And in 18.11 there is no fix available too. Support is not really satisfying in this case.

I please you to fix this issue as soon as possible - maybe you can provide a hotfix for this? We get many tickets about this problem.



We are really sorry for inconvenience.
We are working on this issue with priority and we will share hotfix release with you as soon as it is resolved. Thank you for your patience.