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MapiMessage.Save() saving nothing

I'm extracting items from PST/OST files and saving them to disk, and coming across some items that are not actually getting written. I'm essentially using code like this:

PersonalStorage pst = PersonalStorage.FromFile(filePath);
MapiMessage msg = pst.ExtractMessage(messageInfo.EntryId);
string filename = string.Format(@"C:\temp\{0}.msg", messageInfo.EntryIdString);

No exceptions are thrown, but there are some items that consistently do not get written to disk. It would be nice if MapiMessage.Save() returned a value that specified whether the file was actually written or not.

Thank you,

Hi Rob,

Thank you for inquiry.

Could you please try with the latest release of Aspose.Network 6.7? If you still face any issue, please provide us the sample PST file which contains such messages.

You may zip/post the sample PST at banckle and share the link using “Contact” --> “send saqib.razzaq an email” button at this post.

I am using Aspose.Network (Product Version 2011.07.29). This is the version where I am seeing the problem.

Could you please provide the sample PST for our analysis. You may create a copy of the original PST for us, delete unnecessary items, keep the problematic messages only and upload on Banckle.