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MapiProperty for Calendar Location

Currently we are using MapiPropertyTag ‘PR_EMS_AB_OWNER/PR_EMS_AB_OWNER_W/PR_EMS_AB_OWNER_A’ to get the calendar location from outlook appointment message documents. In some message documents, we got the location from Tag ‘PR_EMS_AB_PUBLIC_DELEGATES_T_W’ and in other cases the key is just empty for which the value contains the location information. Also, it is not 100% sure if the tag PR_EMS_AB_OWNER contains the calendar location as in some cases, we see timezonedescription within this tag.
What is the best way to get location from the message documents?


Can you please give some more details about your requirements and perhaps a snapshot mentioning your requirements.

msg doc.JPG (52.6 KB)
Here the screenshot of the message with the location highlighted. We need to extract the location property of the message document.


You can consider using following sample code on your end to extract the position.

MapiCalendar appointment = (MapiCalendar)MapiMessage.FromFile(msgFileName).ToMapiMessageItem();